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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Silhouette - U.S. Road Trip

Heading to Washington some time this summer. Here's a little inspiration and ideas for what I will likely be packing for the trip. I'll share the real looks as well. What are you up to this summer? Vote on the poll on the right hand side.

Fashion Spotlight: Elliot

I Spy Something that is Blue

OBEY My Style and City

Cool and Comfy in Sperry's

 99 Problems but his Swag Ain't One

The Wave: Hair Swag

Men can Work the Patterns too
Today we look at the style of my brother, Elliot. I have taught him well over the years, and now he is making fashion decisions without my help and doing a great job. He loves his tees, Levi's and Sperry's. He keeps it basic on the bottom with Levi jean pants and shorts with Sperry's or Tom's. Where he adds his style is in his tops. He loves shopping at Top Shop, H&M, Joe Fresh and online. But its not just the clothing, he has a couple of pairs of sunglasses he wears all the time and a collection of watches he's obsessed about. So men, don't be afraid, keep your basics but add in some unique, cool pieces that show who you really are. And don't forget to accessorize!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Silhouette: Obsessed with Pink

 Beach Babe

 Bubble Gum Shop
Tight and British
My deepest apologies for the delayed blog entries. The site I used to design my Silhouettes changed their features, I lost my markers and sketch book, and was losing some inspiration. Plus my work schedule was insane these past months. But I'm back... still can't find my markers and sketch book though :( but I will do with what I have. So here is the first of many blog entries. I'm in love with Pink. It was never my fav colour but my mom started getting into it and now I've also fallen in love with it. Enjoy & inspire! xo

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fall 2012 - Street Style Obsession

So its Paris fashion week. As most people are looking up the latest collections from designer's Fall 2012   shows, I am searching for Tommy Ton's street style snapshots. This is where I get my inspiration. These were my favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week. NOW GO OUT AND SHOP!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Retro: Ski Style

I found this in the latest Sporting Life magazine. Love the retro ski looks Lets bring back chalet chic! 

Best of the Golden Globes : Nudes & Teal

Jessica Biel 

 Julie Bowen

Piper Perabo

Sofia Vergara

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Louboutin World

My current collection: 

My future collection:

 My future vacation collection:

Courtesy of rihanna's twitter

Lets all fantasize now.......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inside my Shopping Bag- Zebra print heels

I don't usually post my purchases but I had to share this latest one. Zebra heels. Just stunning. Reminds me of the Daffy Louboutins. Can't wait to wear them. Move over leopard print, zebra is the newest animal print in town.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Men's Fashion 2012

What I like about each look:

I love the mix of a suit blazer with the stripped top and khaki pants. Its a good mix of casual and dressy.
I love this spin on a work outfit. Not the typical dark trousers and button down shirt. Add a knit sweater, pop of colour in the tie and lighten the trousers... and yes you can wear khaki pants in the winter. Rolled up sleeves is key too!

Classic suit. Very sexy. Here they have added colour in the right way... solid pink socks. I hate wacky patterns in multi colours.

Grey suits and pocket squares... love

It may be simple to dress up in a suit.. not much to it. But to look great in a casual look may take a little more effort. I love every part of this outfit. From the baseball cap to the light jeans and pop of colour everywhere. I think caps are a great accessory. Just keep it classic, simple style and colours. For example, the navy Yankees cap is a great classic cap to wear and will pretty much match every outfit.

Lots of layers.

More layers!

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